NYX cosmetics Lipstick GEM and CHRISTIE

Hi ladies and Gentlemen.. 🙂

I’m back again for another blog. Three days ago, i went online shopping. I visited again some of my favorite online shop. Its been a long time since my last online shopping, this online shop called



The shop is having their clearance sale because i think its there anniversary or something. They sell this authentic lipstick for only 99php each. Since, for a beginner like me, i want to try this NYX lipstick so I purchase this 2 lipsticks (Gem and Christie).

 I haven’t really tried NYX cosmetics because I only use Maybelline products. Though, I’ve been hearing comments and reading blogs about it but i never pay attention.As you know im a loyal Maybelline user. 🙂 One of my friend even said that it can be an alternative to MAC cosmetics? would you agree? I never thought that this NYX lipstick is great. It’s way a lot cheaper than the products that I am using yet with the same quality. What’s crazy is there’s a lot of colors to choose for.  I think I need to start collecting more NYX lipsticks now. 🙂

This is how it looks. It looks good,secured enough, pretty legit. This product is also cruelty-fee. YAY! 🙂

This is the actual color, Christie is light pink perfect for simple look. While the Gem is a bit darker than the other lipstick which is Christie. Gem is more of a cool tone lipstick. I’ve tried wearing the whole day and it still looks good after 3 to 4 hours, though you need to re-apply it, once you eat or drink. (of course.)

Yes that me. 🙂 Wearing NYX lipstick. I like GEM lipstick more.

how about you? whats your favorite NYX lipstick?

hit the comment box below. 🙂




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